Foam Foam


Our Foam Fire Extinguishing System is effective in extinguishing large areas of liquid fire especially fires in oil fields, petrochemical works, oil depots, etc. They are available in low, medium & high foam expansion categories based on the expansion of the foam, which ranges from 0.5 to 18m3.

Foam systems produce an aggregate of air filled bubbles from a concentrated aqueous solution of foam. Foam systems work on the principle that they produce a blanket over or around the fire resulting in exclusions of oxygen and thus extinguishment. They are classified by their expansion ratio.

  • Low expansion foam – with expansion ratio between 1 and 20, it is used primarily for application to the surface of flammable liquid fires.
  • Medium expansion foam – with expansion ratios between 21 and 200, it used for surface application or for fires which requires coverage of up to 4m depth of foam.
  • High expansion foam – with expansion ratios between 201 and 1000, it is intended for filling enclosures at different levels and is used most efficiently in indoor spaces.